About Us

In Japanese, Nami (ナミ or 波) means wave. The wave is represented in our logo and interior wallpaper, courtesy of Mark Scott Waterman and Fatmedia.

Who We Are

Nami Sushi is the first sushi bar set in the heart of Lancaster city centre. Our restaurant is run by a team of sushi lovers, whose mission is to spread their love for Japanese cuisines to fellow Lancastrians. Our kitchen is led by Head Chef Sam, who has been working with sushi for over 25 years. The front-of-house is led by co-founder and General Manager Jonas, who has been working in Hospitality for over eight years and whose appetite for sushi is insatiable.


Our sushi bar is based on the concept of “Kaitenzushi”, or conveyor belt sushi, where our customers can select the sushi that they want to eat as it passes by. Customers can also order their favourite dish from the servers or one of our chefs from the open kitchen. For those who prefer the seated dining experience, we also offer an intimate dining area. Our selection of over 50 sushi and hot food dishes offer great value for money, with dishes ranging from £2.25 for a plate of sushi to £16.45 for a fillet steak!


Our aim is to offer authentic Japanese flavours using the very best of local Lancastrian produce. That’s why our fresh seafood and produce is sourced directly from local suppliers, markets, farms and growers. Our cuisines take on the simplicity of Japanese flavours and emphasis on quality ingredients. We use only natural flavourings from Kombu (kelp) and Shiitake mushroom stock to create the Umami flavour that is found in many of our hot dishes.